Simple Pomodoro timer that stays out of
your way and lets you get work done

Available on Mac App Store

Tools used all the time ought to be simple.

Especially productivity tools, because if they aren’t,
they waste your time instead of saving it.

They should always be there when you need them,
they should get out of your way when you don’t.

That’s what Tadam strives to be.


Few buttons, few features and little configuration. All you need for your productivity and nothing more.

At your fingertips

Tadam lives in the menu bar, so it’s always just a click away.

Out of the way

Just glance at the icon to have a sense of how much time is left.

Give me a break!

Your brain needs rest to stay focused.
That’s why taking regular breaks is essential to Pomodoro.

Tadam makes sure you do.

When the timer rings, a big black window pops out, reminding you to take a break.
You can’t ignore it — you can either take a break or choose to work a little more.

You can move it — you’re still the boss — but it will snap back in a few seconds.
It’s designed to be annoying enough that you will take the breaks you’re supposed to.